May 26, 2022

Police claims to neutralize Al-Shabab terror plot in Addis, arrest over 340 crime suspects


The police denied accusations of unlawful abduction and apprehending individuals without cause or procedure.

Avatar: Addis Zeybe
By Addis Zeybe

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Police claims to neutralize Al-Shabab terror plot in Addis, arrest over 340 crime suspects
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Credit: Fana Broadcasting

Police disclosed to neutralize a terrorist act Al-Shabab was going to conduct in Addis Ababa and arrested more than 340 crime suspects just in a month's time. 

In a statement issued jointly by Addis Ababa Police Commission and Federal Police Commission, it is reported that the arrests are part of the recent law enforcement operation being undertaken by the government intended to contain the insecurity prevailing in various parts of the country. 

According to the report, the suspects were apprehended in Addis Ababa for plotting to destabilize the peace of the city, involvement in vehicle theft, inciting conflict among people through media & religion, producing fraudulent documentation, corruption, and undercover Al-Shabab, OLF-Shane missions in Addis.

Over 33 suspects were arrested in association with vehicle theft. The police said 22 stolen vehicles were retrieved in the last month and over 100 stolen vehicles were recovered over the last year. This achievement is confidently attributed to the state-of-the-art security technology system the police possessed.

Among the arrested are members of OLA-Shene and Al Shabab who were alleged to be plotting a terrorist attack inside the capital.

The other arrests were made on corruption allegations in Addis Ababa. The police said it conducted an investigation over suspects who were involved in more than 580 million Br. worth of corruption scandals.

It is also indicated that government officials are among the arrested suspected of preparing fraudulent national identification cards. In this regard, residents are urged to counter-check the individuals included in their files at local administrative offices as unidentified people are found to possess IDs registered in others’ files. 

Responding to questions concerning arbitrary arrests and abductions, the police said there are cases for which the police are mandated to make arrests without a court order such as capturing a culprit red-handed. The police denied accusations of unlawful abductions and apprehending individuals without cause or procedure. 

The Police emphasized that the integrated law enforcement operation will continue.