Reporting in Ethiopia Amid COVID19

Avatar: Bruck Negash
Bruck Negash, Eyosyas KebedeMarch 10, 2021
Reporting in Ethiopia Amid COVID19

The pandemic has influenced and affected nearly every industry, governmental body, and individual. We must not forget that media companies and newsrooms are also facing the financial and operational burden of performing their inherently difficult task under the cloud of the pandemic. By understanding and addressing these problems and their solutions we can aim to create a best practice model that other creative institutions and other businesses can learn from in sustaining their essential services.

As a public-facing socially responsible organization media companies had to figure out how they were going to tackle the worldwide obstacle. Although it has been a challenge most of the respondents have come out the other side with new ideas, business models, and perspectives. Understanding amongst stakeholders was the overarching theme that has helped lubricate their transition. From customers, owners, management and staff, understanding amongst each other that this is a global event, and the “we are all in it together” mentality has paved the way through the ambiguous few months.

Addis Zeybe, conducted an online survey and interview with representatives of the media industry, focusing on major news and entertainment outlets in the country to understand their experiences, lessons learned and wisdom gained in the perilous periods of COVID19. 

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A PIECE BYBruck Negash

Bruck Negash is a human rights researcher currently working at Addis Zeybe as a Research Editor.

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A PIECE BYEyosyas Kebede

Eyosyas is a Medical Doctor and Researcher with expertise in storytelling, health education and communication.