June 3, 2020

Hamoosit; E-commerce Platform to Make Life Easier

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The name Hamoosit was derived from the Thursday market in the Amhara region and this platform…

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By Wongel Tamene

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By Wongel Tamene

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Hamoosit;  E-commerce Platform to Make Life Easier
The name Hamoosit was derived from the Thursday market in the Amhara region and this platform taking the name of that market, is here with something different. Hamoosit is an advanced e-commerce platform where everyone is a vendor and a buyer. One can even look at it as “The Amazon” or “eBay” of Ethiopia.Hamoosit allows everyone to take a picture of the product they are selling and post it on the platform after which the platform does the advertising, finds customers, delivers the product, and then goes on to facilitating the transaction.“Hamoosit was created out of necessity and a desperate call for action,” says Dawit Assefa who is a representative of Hamoosit.com. “On our visit to the market Hamoosit Gebaya, we noticed farmers and growers selling their products at a loss of up to 2000% to the local vendor. Then that vendor will take the product and make a significant profit but those growers' lives will never change” he explains further.“Hamoosit hopes to change that by directly buying their product at a fair market price and selling it directly to those that need their products, so our farmer's lives could grow and improve, and hopefully, this will bring about an awareness of the importance of farming.”After noticing people selling and buying products on the side of the road while running away from the authorities or thieves and facing the wrath of the sun all day long, the idea of Hamoosit was born hoping to bring them to the e-commerce world and give them the safe passage to the legal way of selling at the comfort of their home.“Hamoosit is a multi-vendor platform. We do not want to monopolize the market. What we did was open the market for everyone to buy and sell. We are committed to making sure our generation creates jobs, and make the lives of the future just a bit easier.” According to Dawit, Hamoosit has millions of reasons to exist.“All those people who dreamed of opening a shop to sell apparels, construction equipment, toys, and so on, now have a place to open their store with absolutely zero cost to them.”A further explanation from Dawit points out where Hamoosit stands. “Currently Hamoosit is accepting a large number of Vendors and offering free training for both buyers and sellers'' he elaborates. “The platform's long term plan is vast and viable. Within the next 10 to 15 years Hamosit hopes to employ a significant number of people, help the logistics and trade sector, work on decreasing illegal price gouging, bring about a more consumer-based economy led by the consumer itself and start selling Ethiopian products to the world market.”Dawit says the registration process is simple “ the first step is picking the type of store that fits your needs. The difference in the stores are some has a high volume of products and they need a more modified mini store within Hamoosit, that's also free” he says “Based on the information you provide, Hamoosit representative will be in contact with you and after the initial contact, Hamoosit will give 100% Free training from start to end. starting with the know-hows of Hamoosit and e-commerce on Hamoosit.”“Response from the public has been exciting. People are open to improvements and anything that brings positive change to their life. But we are still faced with some challenges” says Dawit. “Lack of merit-based awareness, ease of doing business and the fact that regulations are like ankle cuffs in comparison with other countries, is slowing us down but we are up for the challenge and hope to work through it.”“Hamoosit is created and operated by young Ethiopians who are committed to making the future brighter than ever. Hamoosit is just starting up. We would like to take this advantage to call upon all vendors to come and join this opportunity. Registration is free and we teach the ways of Hamoosit for free as well.”