Ethiopian Army to Press Charge against the ‘Prophet’

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Michael GetasetegneMay 3, 2021
Ethiopian Army to Press Charge against the ‘Prophet’

The Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) is wrapping up preparations to press charges against its military personnel and the protestant pastor ‘prophet’ Eyu Chufa, who displays army men taking part in healing sessions wearing their military uniforms.

The Defense Forces Communication Director, Colonel Getnet Adane, has said that Eyu Chufa will face charges for ruining the defense force's reputation for his own self-interest.

Lately, Eyu released a video that shows military personnel of the ENDF with their uniforms & his companions performing a service at Christ Army International Church. In the video, two military personnel, claiming that he came from Guji, Oromia, told him that he decided to commit suicide. Ayu claimed that he performed a miracle to the military personnel by repeatedly leaning them back on the floor. Finally, he told them to stand up because they’re free.

According to Colonel Getnet, any military personnel with any religion is strictly forbidden to perform such activities with their uniform on. He said that “corrective measures were taken on those who did such activities before.” He did not specify what the corrective measures were.

“The ENDF military police crime investigation unit arrested the two military personnel, and their alleged case will be bestowed at the military court,” said ENDF.

Colonel Getnet requested public information if someone sees any military personnel engaged in such activities with their uniforms on so that they will be held accountable.

Addis Zeybe’s trial to reach ‘Prophet’ Eyu Chufa on the matter was not successful.

Freedom of religion is provided by the constitution of 1995, and freedom of worship had also been guaranteed by the 1930 and 1955 Constitutions of Ethiopia.

In Ethiopia, Religious group applicants must have at least 50 individuals for registration as a religious entity, and 15 for registration as a ministry or association; the rights and privileges are the same for each category.

The government policy prohibits religious services inside public institutions, per the constitutionally required separation of religion and state.

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