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Inform Africa launches media and information literacy campaign

Avatar: Addis Zeybe
Addis ZeybeJanuary 12, 2022
Inform Africa launches media and information literacy campaign

Inform Africa, a local media development organization, launched a media & Information literacy campaign on January 11, 2022, with the realization of the raised importance of inculcating media literacy in Ethiopian society at this particular time. In the campaign selected social media influencers will be trained to conduct social media campaigns on media literacy. The campaign is launched in partnership with International Media Support (IMS), an international NGO working to support media in more than 41 countries. 

“This is the most crucial time to work on media literacy in consideration of the current state of Ethiopia, the society, and media. The media world is developing rapidly, so there is a dire need for a platform where we can assist each other on media development and an organization that works on the society's media literacy, especially the youth,” said Gelila Haile, Program Officer at Inform Africa. 

In the media & Information literacy campaign to be conducted with Inform Africa’s media partner Addis Zeybe, 20 social media influencers will be selected and trained to conduct social media campaigns on media literacy. The campaign will last for 8 months. 

Inform Africa, established six months ago, focuses on countering disinformation, growth of media literacy, respect of digital rights and security, media research, media training, and media technology development in Ethiopia and Africa. Inform Africa works in collaboration with Addis Zeybe, a digital media company, UNESCO Ethiopia, and Free Press Unlimited (FPU), a media development organization based in the Netherlands. 

HaqCheck, one of Inform Africa’s projects, is working on verifying false content on social and mainstream media with its partner Addis Zeybe. “Besides its fact-checking publications, HaqCheck produces a periodical summary and analysis on disinformation and shares it with media professionals in Ethiopia,” according to the Program Officer.

In its effort of understanding the prevailing disinformation trends, Inform Africa in partnership with CIPESA: ICT Policy Center for Eastern and Southern Africa is conducting research on disinformation pathways in five African countries; Ethiopia, Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda with a special focus given on periods of political contestations such as elections and anti-government protests. 

“Inform Africa has also been working with different partners on holistic reporting of the Corona-virus pandemic and its socio-political impact in Ethiopia,” Gelila added.

Inform Africa invites social media influencers to take part in the media literacy campaign project by registering via the online project form.

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