September 3, 2022

Ethiopian Permanent Mission to the UN slams WHO chief for spreading falsehood, misconduct


The Permanent Mission vowed to continue challenging Tedros’ misconduct in every avenue possible

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By Addis Zeybe

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Ethiopian Permanent Mission to the UN slams WHO chief for spreading falsehood, misconduct
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Credit: AFP

The Permanent Mission of Ethiopia to the UN blamed Dr. Tedros Adhanom for disseminating falsehood and misconduct against the government of Ethiopia. 

In the statement the permanent mission issued on Sept 2, it condemned the WHO chief for supporting TPLF and denounced him for using his position to attack the Ethiopian government.

“Under the guise of humanitarian and concocted family concerns, Dr. Tedros uses WHO's platforms to attack the Government of Ethiopia with impunity.”

As the conflict in Tigray resumed recently, the WHO Chief told a press conference last week that he couldn’t send money to his relatives in Tigray. “I don't know even who is dead or who is alive,” he said

The mission rebuked Dr. Tedros for tarnishing WHO's reputation, neutrality, integrity, and credibility, and said it “submitted a complaint to the Executive Board to initiate an independent investigation into the misconduct of the Director General”.

“The flagrant violations of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct of WHO and several provisions of the Standards of conduct for the International Civil Service must be investigated and corrective measures should be taken by the Executive Board,” reads the statement.

Ethiopia’s Permanent Mission to the UN vowed to continue challenging Tedros’ misconduct. “We shall expose and challenge his callous behavior and misconduct in every avenue possible.”

The Ethiopian government has been accusing Dr. Tedros, who was a senior leadership member of the TPLF, of supporting and advancing TPLF’s propaganda since the war in Tigray broke out in November 2020.

The conflict is reported to erupt again after a five-month humanitarian truce between the belligerents and is growing towards a full-scale war as both parties are getting into a heated up engagement to date.    

The five-month humanitarian truce and efforts of peace talks between the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the Ethiopian government were disrupted as the war broke out again in Tigray.

The Ethiopian government announced on Aug 28 that its forces left Kobo town on the forceful aggression of TPLF’s forces for the sake of avoiding a bloodbath. The TPLF also claimed that a coordinated attack is opened on Tigray in various directions by the government forces along with the Eritrean army.