April 1, 2021

The first online Market in Jimma

City: JimmaTech

Bishishe.com, is an e-commerce platform that connect sellers with buyers which was founded in jimma in 2019.

Avatar: Fahmi Jemal
By Fahmi Jemal

The first online Market in Jimma

The Ethiopian online marketing service increases from time to time the number of businesses to consumer companies as well since consumers have increasingly favored online shopping over the past several years. Companies are extensively using online marketing sales channels to compete with their competitors in the e-commerce market. 

Technology has become such an intricate part of people's lives. A big part of this technological transformation is the creation and spread of the internet which revolutionized computers and communications in the world like never before. This opened the door to online marketing and e-commerce.

Bishie was founded in 2019 with the website Bishishe.com, a business-to-consumer portal to connect sellers with buyers. Today, Bishishe is one of the biggest companies in Jimma, Ethiopia that provides consumer-to-consumer, business-to-consumer, and business-to-business sales, and various other services via e-commerce. Bishishe.Com is an Online Shopping Market in Jimma, Ethiopia where customers can find a huge collection of products. 

The Internet has become a new trend for businesses today. Tools and methods for communicating with customers have changed greatly with the revelation of the internet and it has become a vehicle that marketers can extend their marketing campaigns to a wider range of consumers. 

Nowadays, customers have an opportunity to perform various activities online depending on their preference one of these opportunities is online shopping.

One of the founders, Abdurahman Shemsedin, told Addis Zeybe that this platform's simplest sense is trading electronically. E-commerce brings the benefits of cost-effective product promotion, timely and consistent information, better customer service and relationships, customization of products, competitive advantages, and convenience, decreasing physical communication. Since social distancing and staying home became the new norm, online business has been the best way. people have been trading at home. They are part of trading using the internet at home. He added that lack of internet access and Community awareness about the internet is a big challenge for them.

Ahmed is one of the customers of the platform he said that The major differences between online and physical marketing are the customer interaction in the physical marketing system, there needs less interaction between the customer and the marketer but in the case of online shopping there require more effective customer interaction, communication between customer and the marketer is more close it is comfortable and easy I can buy what I want from anywhere without out going to the mall.

The hotel industry has been one of the most competitive industries nowadays.  For this reason, enhancing customer satisfaction is one of the key aspects of enhancing competitiveness in the industry as well as ensuring business continuity. Thus, the success of the hotel business will increasingly depend on sensing and responding to rapidly changing customer needs, using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for delivering the right product, at the right time, at the right price, for the right customer.

Many hotels in Jimma are using this online service. These websites are one main distribution channel connecting the hotels with customers. 

Currently, the variety cafe, negus palace Awetu grand hotel is working with Bishishe. They said that the platform helped them to promote their products and sell their products. Selling their products in this way has expanded their market horizons and it helps to gain more customers.