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A question that has not been answered for more than 12 years

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sharif March 22, 2021
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A question that has not been answered for more than 12 years

The people in the Liban Zone of the Somali Region are complaining about a long time promised infrastructural projects.

The sources who contacted Addis Zeybe say that the roads in the Zone are out of use, severe shortage of running water has been there always, and other basic services are also similar, if not worse. Nejmia Faisel, a resident of Filtu Woreda says that the regional government promised to build those infrastructural projects 12 years ago. “But nothing is accomplished except a promise every year”

She said. The representatives of the community in the Zone have pleaded recently, as always, to the zonal and regional governments for the accomplishments of the needed schemes, according to Nejmia.

“We have been requesting the concerned bodies repeatedly for the execution of these development projects, but none of them was carried out” says Haji Bashir Abdi,

Another member of the community in the area. “I hear every year that there is a plan to do this and that, but I don't know where those things are on the ground” says Haji Bashir. He adds that every kebelle in the Zone is under a difficulty to use basic services. Many interviewed residents agree all that the conditions of the roads, bridges and other infrastructures are major problems in Liban Zone. They believe that if the roads to the rural health centers were better, many lives could have been saved so far.

Emergency ambulances cannot reach villages to rescue pregnant women in labor. “Family members have to use a motor bike to get a pregnant woman to a waiting ambulance, putting the life of her unborn baby at risk” adds Haji Bashir. The major problem for the delay of those basic projects in the Zone is “the subsequent administrators of the Zone in the former government of the Region” says Hafiz Suleman, Deputy Head of the Regional Water Resources Bureau.

Now, adds the Deputy Head “now, the Regional government has finalized a plan to reach the Zone and make the long-awaited projects.

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