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Komari debuts in Ethiopia market with the first ever hard seltzer drink

Avatar: Nigist Berta
Nigist Berta July 8, 2021
Komari debuts in Ethiopia market with the first ever hard seltzer drink

Komari beverage plc was founded in March 2018, not long after two friends had a casual conversation about the idea on a balcony in Addis Ababa. Then the chat quickly turned into a full-blown discussion thinking consumers deserve something different to drink, which is made by the consumers themselves.

In the months following, the initial idea rapidly developed into a full-scale business plan, gone from two friends to over 100 staff, from a kitchen-based ‘laboratory’ to a state-of-the-art factory, and from an idea to a beverage created with the inputs of thousands of consumers.

That's when a new line of flavored alcoholic beverages hit the shelves in April 2021, with the launch of the Arada hard seltzer cocktail drinks which are sugar-free drinks that have an alcohol content of five percent and are available in three flavors; pineapple, apple, and lime.

The marketing team said that they collected input from thousands of people on the kinds of drinks they enjoy and what flavors they would be interested in.

According to the press release, Komari made on June 06, 2021, the beverage brought in international experts to develop 12 different flavors for the hard seltzer drinks because it is a flexible drink in terms of flavoring.

The contents of the beverages are made locally, except for the flavoring, which Komari is importing for the time being. However, the company plans to make it locally..

"As Komari employs 132 people, it has faced some challenges in product development mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic in addition to the delays in bringing in technical experts from China, and the company also had to cut back on the scale of product testing." Anteneh Tesfaye, chief innovation officer, told Addis Zeybe.

“However since our brand has been well thought of to the community we have got the best market out of it" he added.

According to Ojuena Mekonen, the deputy CEO "If Komari seems different from how most companies do things, it’s because Komari is a different kind of company. The management team, led by a female CEO, is young and diverse in which Its youngest member is 27, and the oldest is 40." 

She also said that the company leadership crosses four nationalities; Ethiopian,  American, British and Dutch; formed a company dedicated to bringing a new kind of beverage to the count combining 57 years of experiences united by their shared passion for Ethiopia.

Arada is packaged in an artistic bottle, aimed to mostly attract the youngsters who are by far the biggest consumers of hard seltzers across the globe, looking for an alternative light alcoholic beverage.

It is remembered that the Construction plans of Komari Beverages were announced in January 2019, concluding the construction of its factory in the suburbs of Debre Birhan. The company indicated the facility will have a production capacity of bottling and packaging 27,000 bottles an hour, processing whiskey, rum, and vodka.

The report on the Ethiopian beverages industry investigates the alcoholic beverages market, recent developments, and factors influencing the success of the formal industry. The report profiles 16 companies, which with a market share of approximately 52%, dominates Ethiopia’s multi-million dollar alcoholic drinks market. Also profiled are BGI Ethiopia, the leading player in the beer brewing segment with an annual production capacity of 3 million hectolitres, and the country’s largest wine producer, Awash Winery Share Company.

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