October 7, 2022

Tana High-Level Forum to commemorate 10th anniversary

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The forum will mark its 10th year under the theme, "Managing Security Threats: Building Resilience for Africa We Want"

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Tana High-Level Forum to commemorate 10th anniversary
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Tana High-Level Forum will observe its 10th anniversary in Bahir Dar from October 14-16, 2022. 

The Institute of Peace and Security Studies, which serves as the secretariat of the Tana High-Level Forum on Security in Africa gave a press conference today with Former Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Hailemariam Dessalegn, delivering a speech on how the forum is expected to turn out.   

The forum has so far hosted nine annual editions starting from 2012 and will mark its decade this year under the theme, "Managing Security Threats: Building Resilience for Africa We Want". 

The forum will be attended by current and former heads of state, the AU, private sectors, and other stakeholders. Due to COVID-19, safety measures are said to be necessary with the majority of participants attending virtually, only a limited number of participants meeting in Bahir Dar. 

Hailemariam said the platform will bring leaders together to discuss pressing issues of the continent. 

He pointed out that unconstitutional change of governments (UCGs), climate change calamities, global insecurities, and how they are exacerbating the already fragile conditions in Africa will be topics of discussion. Arts and cultural heritages’ role in peace, resilience, and integration in Africa will be another discussion interest. 

Hailemariam stressed that "resilience" is going to be the key issue the forum will address, focusing on mobilizing and building the homegrown problem-resolving capacity of African citizens.

Tana Forum will end its sessions by reviewing its past ten years of ventures. 

Asked by the press about the upcoming intended negotiation between the TPLF and the government of Ethiopia, Hailemariam said it is not the mandate of Tana Forum to address the question. However, he said he personally sincerely hopes it will turn out to be fruitful and thanked the government of South Africa for hosting the peace talks.

The Amhara Regional State Head of Government Office, Birtukan Sisay Enyew appreciated the forum for taking place in Bahir Dar in spite of the current challenges the region is facing. She said the region is ready to host its guests - the African sisters and brothers.

Tana Forum is an initiative based on AU's 2009 Tripoli Declaration on "Elimination of Conflicts and the Promotion of Sustainable Peace in Africa". For the past ten years, heads of state and governments have been meeting in Bahir Dar to discuss pressing issues on peace and security in Africa.