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Renowned building under renovation for the second time

Avatar: Bemnet Wondwossen
Bemnet WondwossenSeptember 24, 2021
City: Addis AbabaNews
Renowned building under renovation for the second time

The renowned building, Addis Hall Architectural and Urban Center, located at Meskel Square, is under renovation for the second time. 

Managed under Addis Ababa City Administration, the cost of the second renovation of the building is covered by different governmental and non-governmental institutions, self-initiated individuals and groups from different walks of life and professions having a common civil responsibility of belongingness for the city and its look, according to Halima Umer Manager for the project.

The hall was officially inaugurated by the former Addis Ababa City Mayor Takele Uma for the first time with the supposition of making it a public discussion and exhibition space.  

The project for the second renovation of Addis Hall was launched in July 2021 and it will be completed at the end of September 2021. The new renovation includes the construction of three restrooms for visitors in consideration of disabilities and restructuring of its inside views including the floor and doors.

Halima said “the purpose  of Addis Hall is to be a center of discussion and proactive engagement for professionals and citizens regarding the improvement and modernization of their city and a venue to promote governmental mega projects & open them for discussion and critics”

In the near future, Addis Hall Architectural and Urban Center will also include libraries and cafeterias and open-air reading space in its backyard beside its small urban farming. 

Before being rehabilitated into Addis Hall, the building hosted Square Cafe and Restaurant and Office for Institution of Strategic Affairs for the last 24 years. 

Addis Hall Architectural and Urban Center is now an immaculate hall where so many ideas are presented in different discussions about how to make the big African city Addis Ababa beautiful in a proper and professional way.

“After we took over the building the place was an open photo gallery of ongoing projects with free Wi-Fi. Moreover, different table discussions used to take place weekly on every Tuesday, which is now suspended due to the renovation. The table discussion was open for everyone who is living in and outside the city including kids who have various dreams about their beloved city” said Halima.

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