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Lamrot Kemal, fourth defendant on Hachalu Hundessa’s case, found guilty

Avatar: Addis Zeybe
Addis ZeybeDecember 23, 2021
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Lamrot Kemal, fourth defendant on Hachalu Hundessa’s case, found guilty

Lamrot Kemal is found guilty of not providing help when Hachalu Hundessa was injured by a gunshot. The Federal High Court, Second Constitutional and Anti-Terrorism Criminal Bench, on Dec 23, has passed a guilty verdict on Lamrot Kemal, the fourth defendant in the Hachalu Hundessa case.

Lamrot Kemal was acquitted by the Federal High Court, previously on Feb 25, 2021,  from charges of terrorism linked to the assassination of the vocalist on the condition that the prosecutor didn't present adequate evidence to the allegation on the defendant. Under the charge of terrorism, she was accused of meeting a member of OLF Shane who had an intention of assassinating popular individuals and toppling the government. Haccalu Hundessa being one of these targeted popular figures, Lamrot was charged with facilitating the venue of the vocalist’s murder. 

The prosecutor appealed the case to the Federal Supreme Court, Second Appellate Criminal Bench, and the Federal High Court’s decision of dropping the charge of terrorism was repealed. The Federal Appellate Court ordered the case to proceed with charges of ‘negligently failing to provide assistance to Hachalu Hundessa while he was bleeding from the gunshot’ against the defendant in violation of Article 575(1) of the criminal code.

Since the defendant told the court she was unable to present evidence to counter the charges brought against her, the court rendered her guilty of failing to lend aid to a person who was in great peril as per Article 575(1).

The accused presented a one-page argument on points as a mitigating circumstance. The federal high Court has scheduled the sentencing for Dec 24, while the accused Lamrot awaits her sentencing under police custody.

The sole witness to Hachalu’s assassination and alleged friend, Lamrot Kemal, was with the vocalist on the night of his death. The prime suspect to Hachalu’s death pleaded guilty on Aug 8, 2020. 

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