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HaqCheck to commemorate Global Media and Information Literacy Week in Ethiopia

Addis ZeybeOctober 25, 2021
City: Addis AbabaNews
HaqCheck to commemorate Global Media and Information Literacy Week in Ethiopia

HaqCheck, an indigenous fact-checking initiative is going to commemorate the tenth Global Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Week with media and social media programs aimed at public awareness creation regarding media literacy and disinformation trends in Ethiopia. 

HaqCheck welcomes everyone on social media to join and participate in their campaign with their four hashtags #MediaLitWk, #MediaLiterateEthiopia, #FactsMatters, and #HaqCheck

Rehobot Ayalew, lead fact-checker at HaqCheck said that with the current exponential rise in disinformation, it has become more crucial to strive towards creating a healthy media platform for and dissemination of factual information.

“Media literacy is important in countering disinformation. Thus we are calling upon every individual to collaborate with us by engaging through our campaign to enhance the public’s media literacy and the capacity of media practitioners to bring about a healthy media and information dissemination platform.” 

Global Media and Information Literacy Week will be commemorated from October 24-34 internationally under the theme “Media and Information Literacy for the Public Good”, to enhance factual information dissemination. It is mainly being hosted by South Africa while being celebrated worldwide.

Global MIL Week 2021 highlights will include the eleventh MIL and Intercultural Dialogue Conference and sixth Youth Agenda Forum, which will take place online and gather policymakers, experts, practitioners, researchers, international organizations, NGOs, and private sector organizations from around the globe. All stakeholders are invited to organize online and offline local events/actions and to register them on the Global MIL Week website so that they can be showcased.

The commemoration led by UNESCO is organized in cooperation with the UNESCO MIL Alliance, the UNESCO-UNAOC MIL and Intercultural Dialogue (MILID) University Network, and other partners. It is noted that the event will be a major occasion for stakeholders to review and celebrate the progress achieved towards media and information literacy for all.