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Eleni Gebre-Madhin denies the blame on ‘secret meeting’ conspiracy

Avatar: Addis Zeybe
Addis ZeybeNovember 26, 2021
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Eleni Gebre-Madhin denies the blame on ‘secret meeting’ conspiracy

Eleni Gebremadhin said her participation in the recent video meeting has been deliberately misrepresented. In a statement she released on her personal Twitter page she asserted that she do not endorse or support any of the views that were presented on the meeting.

“As an economist, I genuinely asked what it would take to rebuild Ethiopia’s economy after the devastating destruction of conflict. Second, while I do not endorse the establishment of a transitional government I asked how the deeply torn social fabric would be repaired in a hypothetical post-conflict situation.” Reads her official twitter.

In the leaked video, Eleni speaks, “one of the things post transition or part of transition is the economic reconstruction and some form of marshal plan”

Eleni who joined the UNDP as Chief Innovation Officer two months ago, stated that her participation was on her personal capacity as an Ethiopian yearning for peace, not on behalf of or linked to her office.

Jeff Pearce, who revealed the full video of the meeting wrote in an article attached to the video, “The West’s Horn of Africa experts have been meeting with a TPLF leader and TPLF/OLF supporters in secret.”

Former Ethiopian Foreign Affairs Minister Berhane Gebre-Christos, Ephraim Isaac, Donald Yamamoto, U.S. Ambassador to Somalia who just retired this year; Vicki Huddleston, former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for African Affairs; Stéphane Gompertz, retired France diplomat; former British ambassador Robert Dewar, and Finland’s top former ambassador Kirsti Aarnio were participants of the meeting, but the number of total attendants is unclear.

In the meeting claimed to be held by ‘Peace and Development Center International (PDCI), topics of an ethnic based conflict, establishment of a provisional government and degraded economy during PM Abiy’s administration were raised.

Jeff Pearce dubbed the meeting as, “TPLF and OLF-run masquerading as NGO.”

Eleni Gebremedihin (PhD), a renowned economist and founder of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange was part of the meeting, which incited anger among some Ethiopians, especially in the social media community. 

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