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TPLF's inclusion in the national dialogue plausible under certain circumstances

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Addis ZeybeDecember 20, 2021
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TPLF's inclusion in the national dialogue plausible under certain circumstances

The national dialogue will be open for all reasonable discussion including a referendum for secession and there is a possibility that Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF)  would be part of the dialogue if it complies with certain conditions, Redwan Hussein, State Minister of Foreign Affairs, told Anadolu Agency.

“It's not for me to tell, but if TPLF hands over its arms, and some of its criminal entities within, there are many possibilities," Redwan told Anadolu Agency when asked about TPLF’s inclusion in the dialogue. "In the meantime, TPLF is not the only one to represent the Tigrayan people."

On the sidelines of the Turkey-Africa Partnership summit, the state minister said that Ethiopia is moving forward to create a broadened political sphere through a planned national dialogue.

"As TPLF rejected reconciliation efforts from the federal government, TPLF made it hard on itself to bring a civil solution.”

The State Minister also noted that “the new inclusive dialogue will solve any discord that we used to have because it will be solved in a civil manner. All elements of the Constitution being open for discussion in the coming national dialogue, there would be no moral reason to pick up an arm.”

Controversial constitutional elements will also be part of the discussion to put forth a lasting solution to the internal conflict, according to the news report.

On December 10th, the Ethiopian Council of Ministers approved a draft to establish the National Dialogue Commission and sent it to the House of People’s Representatives aimed at bringing together balanced and constructive national opinions within political elites and citizens having plural thoughts.

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