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Eleni Gebremedihin revoked of an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Gondar

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Addis ZeybeNovember 30, 2021
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Eleni Gebremedihin revoked of an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Gondar

The University of Gondar announced in an official press statement that it has revoked the Honorary Doctorate bestowed on Elene Gebremedihin (Ph.D.) accredited to the prominent contribution she had to her country. However, the University decided to cancel the honor with the allegation it claimed that she reneged on the national responsibility and expectation laid on her by participating in a closed meeting in which unpatriotic views were displayed. According to the statement, the acts of Eleni are “counter to the mission and vision of our Institution” that made the University reach the decision.  

“We have come to see that the above person has not been such an upstanding citizen but the quite the contrary. In recent events Dr. Eleni took part in a closed-door meeting organized by the so-called International Center for Peace and Development that was unprofessional, biased, keeping to the views of one particular group, and inconsistent with the views of which the University of Gondar holds. The unpatriotic views that were on display in the meeting she took part in have enraged the country and our University Community. It is because of these recent revelations and after careful deliberation that the University of Gondar has decided to revoke the Honorary Doctorates that was given to her because of acts that are counter to the mission and vision of our Institution,” the university said in the statement

The university stated its decision of canceling Eleni Gebremedhin’s Honorary Degree of Humane Letters (DHLitt) in an emergency meeting held on Nov 30, 2021.

It is to be reminded that Eleni’s participation in a recent meeting, in which US, UK, and French diplomats, Ambassador Berhane Gebrekirstos and Prof. Ephraim Isaac were in attendance, has invoked anger among many Ethiopians and had been considered as a secret plot to overthrow the government. Eleni, however, dismissed the blame saying that she doesn’t endorse or support any of the views that were presented at the meeting.

Eleni Gebremedihin (Ph.D.) received an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Gondar, the first in its 59-year history, on July 6, 2013.

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