November 11, 2022

Ethiopian government asserts controlling 70% of Tigray region while TPLF declines the claim


Getachew Reda denied the government’s claim as he told AFP saying “Redwan is plucking his facts out of thin air”

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Ethiopian government asserts controlling 70% of Tigray region while TPLF declines the claim
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Redwan Hussein, the national security adviser to the Prime Minister, asserted that 70% of the Tigray region falls under the control of the Ethiopian Defense Force (ENDF).

However, Getachew Reda, a member of the TPLF Executive Committee, dismissed the government’s claim. 

"Redwan is plucking his facts out of thin air,” said Getachew as quoted by AFP.  

The Ethiopian government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) reached a peace accord last week in Pretoria. The peace negotiation continued in Kenya with the representatives of the two parties including military leaders this week. 

Redwan also said that “Aid is flowing like no other time. Even to the areas not yet held by ENDF.35 trucks of food and three trucks of medicine arrived Shire. Flights are allowed. Services are being reconnected. The agreement just provides opportunities to enhance services”.

On the other hand, Professor Kindaya Gebrehiwot, a member of the TPLF Central Committee, said in a tweet that "Killing, kidnapping & shelling around shire & Adi Daero in Tigray continues by Eritrean forces.” 

Nevertheless, Redwan said, “No hindrance whatsoever regarding aid. Some corners don't seem happier by the fact that African wisdom brought success in Pretoria and hustling to spoil the spirit”.

The Government’s Communication Service announced in its press statement on Nov 10 that the Ethiopian government is working committedly to expedite the accessibility of humanitarian aid to the affected people by the war.

According to the statement the National Disaster Risk Management Commission has designated four teams to help and coordinate the immediate delivery of humanitarian aid in Tigray.

Prof Kindeya has tried to refute Redwan’s & government’s statement regarding aid saying that “I am wondering how the percentage is calculated according to Redwan and such aid flow! Simply, both are incorrect. Our people need unhindered humanitarian aid in no time. It has been more than a week since the [agreement] has been signed. We wish to see promises delivered!”.

The talks that followed the Pretoria agreement in Kenya between the belligerents focused on the implementation of the points in the agreement. It is stated that disarmament, humanitarian aid, and restoration of basic services will be the major agendas in the undergoing talks in Kenya.

The conflict in Tigray and Northern Ethiopia just marked two years this week on November 3.