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What to know about Ethiopia's state of emergency

Addis ZeybeNovember 3, 2021
City: Addis AbabaNews
What to know about Ethiopia's state of emergency

The Ethiopian government has declared a state of emergency (SoE) which will be valid for the next six months throughout the country, from the time it is approved by the Council of Ministers.

The SoE declaration follows the rationale that it has become impossible to solve the current problems the country is facing with the regular law enforcement system. As the conflict around the country intensifies, the government has laid down a series of measures that the State of Emergency Operation Command is entitled to take.

  • The State of Emergency Operation Command has the right to impose a curfew, cut off communication, arrest anyone suspected of links to prescribed terrorist groups without a court order, search the property of any person or organization that is reasonably suspected.
  • The SoE may also suspend or relocate leaders in dangerous areas or can replace them with civilian or military leadership.
  • Any individual should not give “support”, by any means, to groups labeled as "terrorists" whether through finance, information, materials, or morals.
  • No person may carry a weapon except those licensed law enforcement agencies such as Defense forces, the Federal Police, or other authorized law enforcement bodies and those licensed by these forces.
  • No one shall disseminate information that serves and motivates the interest of  "terror groups" or which potentially destabilizes the peace and security of civilians.
  • Any forms of gathering and peaceful protests are not allowed, except those recognized and permitted by the SoE Operation Command.
  • Residents in urban areas should carry either a residential or employee identification card, passport, driving license, or any other equivalent identifications when moving around.
  • Any closure of fundamental services and disrupting production processes, including economic conspiracy practices are illegal. 
  • Abuse of power for personal gain in the pretext of the implementation of the state of emergency, intentional arrest, or similar action without a reasonable doubt is prohibited.  

Everyone is obliged to comply with the rules and regulations issued by the Emergency Proclamation Directive In accordance with Article 93 (1) (a) of the FDRE Constitution.