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SNNPRS handed over power to the new South West Regional State

Addis ZeybeNovember 4, 2021
City: Addis AbabaNews
SNNPRS handed over power to the new South West Regional State

The Southern Nations Nationalities & Peoples’ Regional State (SNNPRS) officially handed over power to the newly formed South West Regional State in its emergency session. Speaker of the House of SNNPRS made the power handing over procedures with the Speakers of the house of the five zones and Konta special woreda during the session.   

“Bonga or Mizan Aman are expected to become the capital city of a newly formed regional state. Resources handing over will take place after the implementation of new directives which are expected to be approved by the Regional State Council,” Dawud Abdella, Communication Officer at the SNNPRS told Addis Zeybe

The  South West Regional State consists of five zones and Konta special woreda sharing a border with the Jimma Zone of Oromia, SNNPR, and Gambella Regional States and with the Republic of South Sudan.

From the cities found in the Regional State, Dawro Tercha, Keffa Bonga, Konta Ameya, Bench Sheko, Mizan Aman, Omo Jemu and Sheka Masha are the notable major cities. Passengers traveling to the South West Regional State would have two optional directions to reach their destination; from Addis Ababa, through Jimma to Bonga, and from Wolaita Sodo to Dawro Tercha.

The referendum to form the new regional state was held on September 30, 2021, and more than 1.2 million voters approved the establishment of the South West Regional State.