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Ethiopian university entrance national exam never leaked: Education Minister

Addis ZeybeNovember 10, 2021
City: Addis AbabaNews
Ethiopian university entrance national exam never leaked: Education Minister

November 9, 2021

(Addis Zeybe: Addis Ababa) The national university entrance exam, which started to be conducted on Nov. 8, is never leaked, the Ministry of Education stated.

“The first day of the exam ended almost successfully despite exam leakage rumors,” according to the Ministry.

Pictures of exam papers and claimed answers were posted on Facebook allegedly by an opposition political activist after the exam had been announced to begin. Restricted access to Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram has followed the incident.

“The exam has never been leaked by anyone, anywhere and by any means,” confided Birhanu Nega (Phd.) Minister of education, during a press conference given on the first day of the examination.

It's also reported that there were some “electronic cheating” attempts found at examination centers at the Oromia and Southern Nations Nationalities and the Peoples Regional States. Two students in each region were apprehended while trying to take pictures of the exam papers with mobile phones and share them with each other.

The ministry dropped the rumor of leaked exams since the pictures on social media appeared after the examination had started to be conducted and cannot be said to be leaked.

Students are instructed that they are not allowed to carry cell phones, digital watches, or any type of digital/ electronic equipment during the exam.

The Ethiopian university entrance national examination had to be canceled and postponed in 2016 when exam papers were stolen and released on social media before the examination was administered. A prominent political activist took responsibility for the leak back then.